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Uncharted is an action and adventure type PlaySatation 3 game developed by Naughty Dog in 2007. Uncharted 2 How many GB is at the end of our article… This game, which is broadcasted by Sony Computer Entertainment, was adopted by a large audience and reached hundreds of thousands of players. The developers, who made major adjustments and changes on the game, released the game Uncharted 2 in 2012.

Uncharted 2 Story

Our character named Nathan starts the train journey during a new expedition. The train is in an accident for an unknown reason and our hero is injured in the belly and begins the adventure. Nathan, who made a discovery inside the train right after the train accident, finds a dagger-like weapon and returns 4 months before the incident.

Explaining the adventure to Istanbul and having all the speeches in Turkish are among the biggest features that affect us. Having met an old colleague in Istanbul, Nathan is going to a Palace specially designed for the game. The duo, who stole a historical oil lamp from this palace, wants to have a fortune with the treasure map at the end of the oil lamp. We are waiting for you for more story features.

Uncharted 2 Game Graphics and Sound Quality

In the first of the series of Uncharted game, players were presented with quite nice graphics options. Uncharted Before we ask how many GB, we want to touch on many details about the game.

As players generally attach importance to graphics quality, we see that a very successful graphics quality is also offered in Uncharted 2. The producers who use more realistic animations compared to the first game of the series seem to have given a great importance to the sound quality.

Uncharted Multiplayer Game System

If you perform the main tasks in Uncharted 2 game, you can play Multiplayer as 3 people by playing the characters Nathan, Chloe, Sullivan. Before moving on to the section about Uncharted How Many GB, we also want to give information about the modes in the game.

Uncharted 2 Game Modes

Death Match: In this game mode where the action reaches the last level, 2 teams consist of maximum 5 players and fight to death with each other. Plunder (Swag, Clap, Play!): In the game mode where the competition is very high, 2 teams try to bring the treasure in the random region of the map and bring it to their regions.

Elimination: In this mode, which is similar to each other with the Death Match as a game structure, 2 teams consisting of 5 people again struggle with each other. Winning 3 rounds of competitions of 5 rounds, this game is victorious from the mode. The flag snatch mode we are used to from Chain Reaction: Call Of Duty is also available to players in Uncharted 2.

Uncharted 2 How Many GB

Uncharted 2 game is published in Steam Store. In order to play this game that is only compatible with PlayStation 3, there must be at least 19.5 GB of free space in the PS3. When we look at the system requirements in general, the free space requirement is shown as 19.5 GB.

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