Trackmania Nations Remake Review

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Trackmania Nations Remake, Ubisoft’s new game, is scheduled to launch on July 1, 2020 in Uplay and Epic Games. “Well, before we check out, don’t we have a review?” We said and we got to work for you. Here is the Trackmania Nations Remake review!


Let’s start by looking at past Trackmania games Trackmania has released 16 games in 17 years since 2003. The experiences and content offered by the games up to this time grew with the contribution and artistry of the players. This situation is still valid in 2020. Players as usual As part of the Trackmania universe. So what game will Trackmania Nations Remake be?

Details in Trackmania Nations Remake review article! Top to Toe Trackmania Nations Remake Review

Turkish Language Option

Yes, let’s start with the question you are most curious about. You can play Trackmania Nations Remake in 13 languages, including Turkish.

Login screen Trackmania is a game built on simplicity from start to finish. Download the game, launch it and go straight into the race without any stupid adjustments.

The login screen

of Trackmania is a blessing from within the game I reviewed. For a long time, there is a training mode instead of a tutorial, and those who want to log in directly have 20 maps. Click, play. It’s that simple!

Sound and Music

The game does not contain music that puts you in the air. It’s pretty average, there are music put on the back so you can rattle. Sounds also sounds of classic race car engine. When you start the same map several times, you are now starting to memorize the rhythm of the engine.


The graphics of the game make you feel like you are playing with a toy car. Don’t get me wrong, it’s like Trackmania’s style, but I have to say that the game is not for those looking for realism. Especially when I was climbing high buildings, I made a track on my remote control car and I felt like I was trying it.

This may also be caused by the car being thrown left and right during play and causing 0 damage. In addition, the image quality of the road and the decorations around the road also has a big impact. There is also one type of car model in the game, but the flag of the country you choose is added to the outer skin and this skin can be customized.


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