The Best “Legend” 10 Fps Game on PC

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Half Life 2

It is a revolutionary game of Half-Life 2. According to the release date; It revolutionized technology (innovative face animation and physics). The game is closely related to the plot presented without cutting scenes: everything happens just before the eyes of the main character.In the 15 years since the release of the fps games, very few games of equal quality and creativity have appeared.

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Titanfall 2

The developers of Titanfall 2 based the game on extraordinary ideas. What if you move a player over time while running along its walls? Or are you putting it in a home built in a futuristic factory in real time? Or let a big robot shoot a hero from one spacecraft to another.And astonishing levels, the game has great shots and a story about friendship and loyalty.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike GO came out in 2012, but Valve actively supports the game, adds new maps, changes the balance of weapons, gets constant updates. However, this is a classic CS. Here you still need to be supplied at the beginning of each round, rescue hostages and set up or disarm bombs. And most importantly – use tactics.


F.E.A.R. – This is one of the most successful attempts to combine fps and fear. The player takes on the role of a special service soldier, who must investigate brutal murders. A company that does evil does experiments on people, and Alma, a terrible girl who can break down the evil into a bloody piece with a single force of thought, fortunately, the main character has the means to overcome all difficulties. It skillfully manages a large arsenal of weapons and slows down time.


The cult series took a long time to restart but it was worth the wait. The main character, who is the Practitioner of Doom, does not escape from the war, but vice versa, breaks the devils with his bare hands and tears them apart with a saw. All old school – first aid kits, constant weapon change, ceaselessly moving.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is a mix of fps and action RPG. Many heroes, each with their own abilities, travel the vast world, complete missions, interact with the characters and spoil the mountains from their enemies. There are many Gearbox brand humor in the game. What is the quest “Shoot the man’s face”, dude, screams: “Hit me in my face!” The fun thing is to play with friends: share loot, challenge each other in duel, and laugh at the crazy antiques of the locals.


Killing in Bulletstorm is an art. Enemies can be pushed into nails and electric fences, cut into pieces in various shapes, detonated, and much more. In addition, any of these transactions can be combined together – earn many more points for them. The Gears of War designer worked in the game. Therefore, the main characters here are the most masculine militarists. Their problems and goals are relevant: betrayal, revenge, and so on.


When Overwatch was introduced, many thought it was unsuccessful. The game was like a clone of Team Fortress 2, with two dozen heroes instead of nine. A few years later, it became one of the main competitive games on the market. Overwatch is played by millions of people, making great amounts in tournaments, and the announcement of each new hero becomes an important event for the gaming community. Fps is suitable for everyone: both those who play for fun and those who only aim to win.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

“Call of Pripyat” is the most thoughtful and quality of the three parts of “Stalker”. With the groups and the system of relationships with them, troops, enormous places, memorable characters, the plot: the game took a big step forward after “Clear Sky”. I want to continue playing even after. Especially the developers have been successful in side missions: at least dozens of sleep bloodsuckers, and it is worth remembering a vampire hunter or a basement crawl hunt.

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