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The rapidly increasing Free Accounts and Passwords, Simulation games continue to be open to players with amazing features and lower system requirements every day. The most important feature of Tanki is 3D graphics, but it can be played from the browser without any setup. Immediately after a short training, you can take part in fun battles with your own tank and use just a few keys to manage your tank and destroy your opponents.Free usernames and passwords of tanki online game are shared publicly. If you do not get username, please write in the comments section. Free tank online username and password will be shared with you as soon as possible.

Free Account And Passwords

Username: andreiterns0253

Password: 09499535568

Username: manga123

Password: 12332123a

Username: Glacxor

Password: goha4905

Username: blackpanter52

Password: thomasking52

Username: blackm4n

Password: thom4sbff

Username: upgrade54

Password: danielbrown5

Username: promonster18

Password: francisnicole1

Username: contrax8

Password: rap8ingood

Username: jokerboss2000

Password: yusuf2005

Username: drstrange01

Password: 3569851426

Username: screamshouttt

Password: 64851325454

Username: mrchallenger3

Password: jackjones333

Username: brand2020

Password: 123456789

Username: huntermother3

Password: godmother1

Username: majorking5

Password: 55major55

Username: linda95

Password: linda5526321145

Username: bigxantares1

Password: kingxantares1

About The Game:

Log in to the game

When you first log in, you need to wait, the initial set of game files “weighs” about 10 megabytes (this is like the average video on “Yu-tube”). During the download, you can make tea or coffee, you will definitely need it. In the future, these files will remain on your computer (in the so-called “cache”) and everything will load quite quickly. By the way, it is desirable to increase the size of the “cache” of your browser to megabytes up to two hundred (this allows us to leave on your computer already downloaded files-textures, models, sounds).

Why Would I Leave You My Email Address?

If you like the game and you want to securely maintain your career growth, this address will help in emergency situations (such as password recovery or server “glitches”). All important emails from the game (for example, registration confirmation) are sent to the same address.

Why do I need to read the license agreement?

To have an idea about the Administration and know who to complain to.

Beginning Of Game

Where to start?

When the game loads, you will see something similar:

On the left — chat, in the middle – the list of battles (fights), on the right — the parameters of the selected battle in the middle list.

To enter a battle, select any battle highlighted in green and click the Play button in the battle window (bottom right).

To create a battle, click the Create button at the bottom of the battle list. The battle creation menu appears.

What are the rank restrictions?

The Creator of each battle indicates which ranks of players can enter it. Unavailable battles are gray. This helps beginners play with beginners, and Oldies play with Oldies. However, in many battles, everyone is allowed to enter (and there are steep tanks that beat people like you, even if this is called the whole thing “for beginners”), so look carefully at the icons of the allowed ranks in the battle window before entering.

How to use consumables?

In the garage you can buy consumables: first aid kit, nitro accelerator, shot booster and armor. In order to activate them, you must press keys 1, 2, 3, or 4 during the battle. 1-first aid kit, 2-armor, 3 – enhanced shot, 4-nitro.

Career growth

What does the title mean?

The rank gives you the opportunity to buy certain types of weapons, as well as respect and respect.

How Many Tanks Should I Burn Before Getting The Next Rank?

The game has a system of points, according to which your current rank is formed. The number of points awarded for a kill varies from one to 20. In order to get 20 points for a kill, you need to kill an opponent who is much higher than you in rank.

The upper-left corner displays information about your current rank (icon), as well as a bar with two numbers separated by a fraction on the left side. To the left of the fraction is the number that shows your current number of points. To the right of the fraction is the number of points that you need to score in order to increase.

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