Steam summer sale started

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Steam summer sale started

You know that big discounts are made by Steam at certain times of the year. In general, big discounts are made in winter, early spring and summer. The Steam 2020 summer sale has already begun this year. Steam summer discounts started as of 20:00 TSI yesterday.

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Steam 2020 summer sales started

Yesterday at 20:00 TSI Steam’s annual summer discounts have started for 2020, the year of disasters. In addition to the games of many major publishers and major companies, countless independent games on Steam are also on sale. Steam also organizes many community events while these discounts continue.

Your purchases earn you digital points in 2020 summer discounts, just like the events that Steam does at almost every big sale. You can earn 14 points for every 0,15 USD of shopping  and spend them on the Points Shop, and get yourself profile profiles, stickers, badges and chat phrases. You can also use these points to reward community items for the first time on Steam this year.

For example, while you are playing a game, you get stuck and you get help from a guide you found by searching the game’s guides on Steam. You can reward by using your points to highlight this guide so that more users can see it. This gives the Steam user who created the guide a badge.

Steam is also going for a new sale discount, which is familiar from where we look this year. For all purchases over 8,75 USD on the Steam platform, a 1.46 USD discount is automatically applied to your cart. The point to be considered here is the discount for only purchases over 8,75 USD, not for every 8,75 USD. So when you buy Cyberpunk 2077 for 35,01 USD  there is no such thing as a 5,84 USD discount.

Steam summer discounts are still popular as the period when the lowest prices are seen on the Steam platform. This year, too, massive games, including games from many independent developers and games from major publishers and companies, are on sale. Some new and big games are out of the discount. It is annoying that the discount prices we see on Steam every year in the summer are the same as the discount price of the same game 3 years ago. Unfortunately, although there are many other games out there, this is especially the case for new games. Steam summer sales started on June 25 for 2020 and will end on July 9 at 20:00 with TSI.


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