Samira, the new champion of League of Legends, introduced

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Samira, the new champion of the popular MOBA game League of Legends, developed and published by Riot Games has been introduced. “Put it in your pocket. Samira is a talented and ruthless shooter who fills the style indicator while trying to kill his opponents in the coolest way. Because it’s not about winning, it’s about enjoying the excitement.” statement is included. It is understood from here that our new champion will be in the role of Sniper.

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Desert rose Samira’s abilities have been leaked

Samira’s abilities have not been officially disclosed yet. However, the game files were accessed from the PBE version of the game and the champion’s abilities were leaked. Below you can see all the abilities of the champion who will play the role of a marksman. Samira will be active in the 10.18 patch.

Passive – Daredevil Impulse:

Samira creates a combo with her abilities based on her previous hit. Each combo enhances his style. Samira gains a certain amount of movement speed for each combo level. Samira’s melee attacks deal bonus ability power damage, which increases based on the opponent’s missing health. Samira’s attacks on restricted enemies swing her opponent and deal six separate attack damage. Additionally, Samira quickly moves to targets outside of her attack range.

Q – Flair:

Samira fires a shot that deals physical damage to the first enemy hit. If this ability is cast towards an enemy in melee range, Samira swings her sword instead, dealing physical damage. Both hits can apply critical strike effects with 25% bonus damage. If the champion’s Q is used with the E ability, Samira attacks all enemies in her path.


W – Blade Whirl:

Samira cuts around for a second, dealing physical damage to enemies twice and destroying all enemy attacks that enter the area.


E – Wild Rush:

When Samira passes over an enemy or ally, she cuts through enemies and gains extra attack speed. Killing an enemy champion resets the cooldown of this ability.


R – Inferno Trigger:

Samira can only use this ability with the S style. Samira fires a series of shots of her weapons and wildly shoots all enemies around her 10 times in two seconds. Each shot deals physical damage and provides lifesteal. Each attack made can also critically strike.

Finally, check out the champion preview for Desert Rose Samira below.

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