Pubg Mobile World League Season Zero

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Pubg Mobile World League Season Zero

PUBG MOBILE Global Esports Director James Young has released the unique PUBG MOBILE World League Season Zero, designed before the PUBG MOBILE Pro League (PMPL) South Asian finals, designed to create the best global competitive opportunity. The online series with a prize pool of $ 850,000 gives the chance to compete in a number of teams that have not been presented so far, with a team slot reaching 40. In addition, according to the statement, from 24 June to 12 July, PMCO can be registered for 2020 Fall.

Pubg Mobile World League Season Zero special season released

PUBG MOBILE also released a new promotion of PUBG MOBILE ESPOR Studio in Katowice, Poland, which was established in cooperation with ESL. When physical competitions become safe, the Studio will be the address of offline matches.

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PUBG MOBILE carried PMPL Season 1 completely online to ensure the health and safety of the players and fans within the scope of COVID – 19 precautions, and rearranged the dates while making these changes. To say PUBG MOBILE World League, the king of the new competitive ecosystem, PUBG MOBILE had to create something completely unique.


PUBG MOBILE World League Season Zero will take place between July 10 and August 9. Eastern League TSI for Asia will start at 15.00 and Western League TSI for Europe and America will start at 21.00.

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