PlayStation trophy system is changing

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PlayStation trophy system is changing

The feeling of satisfaction you feel when a mug appears in the corner of your screen is something else. Especially if this trophy is platinum … Now the PlayStation trophy system is changing and many innovations are included in this system. We can say that satisfaction is taking to a new level. Sony explained the situation in detail in a PlayStation blog post it shared yesterday.


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The level limit is 999 in the PlayStation trophy system!

The trophy system, introduced for the first time with PlayStation 3, will undergo major changes. The first thing you will notice will be the big change in your trophy level. Now the level range is changed from 1-100 to 1-999. Of course, the level you have earned so far will not remain as it is. You will get an automatic value in the new range equivalent to your current level. For example, if your current trophy level is 12, it will rise somewhere around 200. The exact level will depend on the number and grade of trophies you have acquired. You will not need any changes to the trophies you have already earned.

The level calculation structure is also changing. You will now be able to rise faster at lower levels, and the value of the trophies you earn will affect the points you get on your house to level up differently. For example, a bronze mug and a platinum trophy will give you a different level. This makes platinum mugs more valuable.


At the same time, trophy level icons and calculations are changing. Depending on your level, all the icons you earn are refreshed. As you can see in the image below, you will win the symbol between 1-299 bronze, 300-599 silver, 600-998 level gold and 999 level platinum. The icons are as they appear below:

trophy levels















Trophies you earned on your previous PlayStation system can be transferred to PlayStation 5 with you. The new trophy levels will be reflected in all locations where trophy levels are displayed, including the PS App, My PlayStation. With this changing level system, we can say that a longer adventure has begun for trophy hunters.


All these updates will be automatically applied by the system today. In the blog post, “We are determined to provide an even better experience to our fans as we move to the next generation games. We expect everyone to start collecting trophies in all the great games that will be released on PS4 and PS5.”

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