Official announcement for The Cuphead Show by Netflix

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Cuphead, a game series that we know with its great drawings and gameplay, will be broadcast on Netflix under the name The Cuphead Show. Recently, Netflix team made a post on their official Twitter account. This post also featured a first glimpse video of a new series to be added to their platform.

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This series will be presented to us in collaboration with Studio MDHR, the producer team of wool, and King Features, a printing company. We will embark on many adventures with the series planned as a character-oriented comedy. At the center of these adventures, Cuphead and his brother Mugman will accompany us. Cuphead’s thoughtlessness and Mugman’s cautious and equally submissive nature of the duo, which are opposite each other, will cause them all sorts of troubles. In the process we accompany various adventures, we will witness that they are looking after each other in Inkwell Islands, where they live.


Netflix is ​​a short for The Cuphead Show released trailer You can have access to the first look trailer that Netflix team shared, right here to browse. In this shared video content, we introduce many people who contributed to the series. Moreover, it is said that we will not wait too long for this series. As it is clearly seen in the video, there is the phrase “very soon”. Thus, we may see a more detailed trailer very soon. The game, which was first released for PC and Xbox One in 2017, was also released for Nintendo Switch in 2019. Cuphead, which is especially appreciated by the boss wars, is a two-dimensional platform game that is completely hand-drawn.

The game, which has sold more than four million copies worldwide, was deemed worthy of many awards. We encounter skillfully drawn regions and characters throughout the game. This situation gives us the nostalgic atmosphere of the game. Studio MDHR postponed its last Cuphead DLC to 2020, which is expected to be released last year. There is still no exact release date for this expansion pack, which will come under the name Delicious Last Course. Studio MDHR has made such a decision to offer us a better quality product and to provide a more comfortable working environment for its employees.


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