Minecraft Cheats and Codes 2020

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Minecraft Cheats

Minecraft Cheats We searched and compiled Minecraft admin and item commands for you. One-to-one for those who do not like survival mode and want to hang out in creative mode. Thanks to Minecraft cheats, you can complete the structures you want to make in the game in the fastest way and create masterpieces. To use Minecraft cheat codes (Minecraft Admin Codes), press the “t” button in the game and then switch to creative mode. To switch to creative mode, simply type / gamemode 1. Then do the fastest you want to do by typing the Minecraft cheat codes we have given below.


Latest Minecraft Cheats and Admin commands

Before you can use Minecraft cheats, you need to activate cheats before starting the game. Otherwise, no cheat will work in a functional way. For this reason, you need to make the settings mentioned above when entering the game. Minecraft Admin commands only work on servers. You can use these codes if you have OP authority on the server.

Some users stated that the codes are not working in the comments on our related page, the main reason is that they did not perform any of the above actions. Apart from that, we have friends trying to run these codes in the server. As I said at the beginning of the topic, these codes will not work if you are not the owner or authority of that server (if you do not have OP authority) on any server. Please read the subject carefully.

1)Cheat Code: /XP 5000 

Explanation: helps you level up

2) Cheat Code: /gamemode 1

Explanation: lets you switch to creative mode.

3) Cheat Code: /gamemode 0 

Explanation: you switch to survival mode


Explanation: It provides rain in a heavy rain. If you want to stop, type TOGGLE DOWNFALL OFF.

5) Cheat Code: /TIME SET

Explanation: 5 to 5 hours

6) Cheat Code: /TIME ADD

Explanation: Adds 5 to 5 hours

7) Cheat Code: /HELP

Explanation: shows tricks

8) Cheat Code: /HELP 2

Explanation: Shows other tricks

9) Cheat Code: /give op

name (item number) (number of items max 64) = You receive item

10) Cheat Code: /tp

Explanation: (character nickname to teleport) (character nicki to teleport to) = You can teleport someone


11) Cheat Code: /op nick

Explanation: You can make someone op


12) Cheat Code: /deop nick

Explanation: OP can finish someone’s opacity

13) Cheat Code: /kick nick

Explanation: You kick someone

If there is any cheat that you want to get out of these codes, please write it in the comment section and a return will be provided as soon as possible.

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