Marvel’s Avengers review

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Marvel’s Avengers review

In our Marvel’s Avengers review content, we mention the story of the game, the gameplay dynamics and the curious loot system.

Marvel’s Avengers Review:

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Marvel characters have always had great potential. However, with the success that Disney has achieved in the cinematic universe, we can say that these characters have now spread to a much wider audience and are adopted by more people. It is possible to say this for the Marvel’s Avengers game. In other words, instead of turning to the core, there is a situation of turning to a much wider audience. This situation has some advantages as well as very important disadvantages. In our Marvel’s Avengers Review, we will talk about all these facts.

Marvel’s Avengers Review

First of all, let’s briefly talk about the story of the game. As a matter of fact, many of us are already familiar with this story with the beta program that has been organized in the past weeks, although there is a lot of space in the promotional videos. The story of the game actually starts with the A-Day event, which we also encounter in beta. Here are extras compared to beta, such as the pursuit of comics with kamala Khan, some important scenes for the story. So I can say that they did not put the input sequence into beta as it is.

While enjoying the Avengers day with Kamala Khan, there is a big attack and we take control of the Avengers members respectively. This part is treated in a bit of a mouth-to-mouth logic. So when you say I’m getting used to the character you control, you automatically switch to the other actor and start to drift towards the consequences of this attack. I say drift because the Avengers are taking a big hit on this special day when the heroes show off. The Avengers team disintegrates, thousands of people die, and many of them are under the influence of Terrigenesis and gain special powers. Terrigenesis incident, which we have seen frequently in comics and in productions such as Agents of Shield, is positioned at an important part of the story. As a matter of fact, Kamala Khan, who runs around and is a big Avengers fan, finds himself in the center of the story.

I’m not kidding when I say on the belly. In the story mode of the game, where we go five years after this dire event, we witness the events from the eyes of Kamala Khan almost from the beginning to the end. With the heroes joining the team again, we sometimes take control of other characters in the story parts, but I can say that the weight remains on Kamala Khan. So when I say Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow and so on, I couldn’t figure out why Kamala was chosen.

This trend in the story does not bother you much, but I can say that it bothered me from time to time that Kamala solved everything and had a very heavy place even in story fiction. Even though Tony snapped himself at the moment when the story loop was unraveled, “Oh, we didn’t know, I’m glad you said it”, indeed, he loosens the knot most of the time and you cannot put this into a logic.

The task process is left to your preference as characters join the team. You can control all the characters in the main cast of the team such as Kamala Khan, Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America and Thor throughout the story mode. The story process generally proceeds as heading the War Table, picking tasks and getting ready to beat the nation.

Yes, Marvel’s Avengers is a pure action game. For most of the game, you find yourself leaning on the light and heavy attack keys. This situation has been made more fun with different characters and evolving skill system. You can improve your character’s combos, including their super powers, from the skill tree system. Unlike straight hits, this mechanism opens the doors of different combos and makes the game more enjoyable. Moreover, although there are a lot of characters, you do not encounter a complex structure here. Since the general operation is based on the same logic, it is not a matter of confusing the character abilities with which keys.

This actor selection in the game has managed to add a great color to Marvel’s Avengers in terms of difference. but when we look at the general lines, it also brings a big disadvantage. First of all, a process such as choosing the character you want is offered, except for the sections that are specially designed for the characters or automatically given for the story. You do not encounter a big advantage of this election event.

At no point in the sudden game, I did not encounter the dilemma of “Brother, I should definitely enter this episode with Hulk, I have to mess around” or “Let me get Kamala Khan and get closer to more strategic events, it may be good to go a little secret”. This means that Marvel’s Avengers has a big advantage. While it could be a much more beautiful game that can make the distinction of heroes well, it has turned into a game where we beat a man and chase Loot. Don’t get me wrong, this action structure works well, but while it could be much better, I think the production team missed this opportunity by putting the loot logic in the foreground.

Let’s come to perhaps the most talked about point of the game, the Loot system. The general operation of the game is based on these Loot dynamics. I can say that Loot dynamics is the backbone of the game both in the story mode and in the content that will be released in the future. While focusing on the course of the story in the game area, you start to exploit the cases Jarvis has detected on the right and left. The items that come out of these chests give your character different properties and power boosts that we call Boost. They do not have any visual effects, but when you attach them to your character, you can clearly see what advantages they provide. These items have extras such as fire and cold resistance, stronger hits or shortening the skill time.

However, at first you look at which item does what works, and after a while you stop it. You just wear the item with the highest value and continue on your way. Just like I mentioned in character selection, there is no such thing as “Wait, this item will be more useful for me in this section”. As I said, although it is strange to find items such as ribs and leg muscles when we come to Hulk, while wearing bracelets and additional apparatus to characters such as Kamala Khan or Black Widow, the operation is based on this logic.

The most important factor in Marvel’s Avengers game is that the game does not end. So you finish the story mode, but actually this part is designed as an introduction to the event. With the co-op and online options, the Avengers Initiative part comes into play and you can see how the story continues from this section. We already learned that characters such as Hawkeye (Clint Barton) and Spider-Man will be added to the game before the game’s release date. It is even a great advantage that Spider-Man comes exclusively for Sony consoles.

As a result, as we mentioned at the beginning, Marvel’s Avengers is a good action game. But I can say that this action structure is somewhat crushed under the general planned new contents and loot logic. Although I generally love the marvel universe and superhero games, I did not get the pleasure and satiety I expected from the game. If you like the pure action genre and more importantly the Loot logic, Marvel’s Avengers can give you a lot of fun. As I said, I love Marvel and Avengers movies, and if I make a comparison at this point, if Marvel’s Avengers were in the cinematic universe, it would probably be a movie that we would find worse than Avengers: Age of Ultron.


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