Information about disintegration

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Information about disintegration

In Disintegration, which takes place in the near future, we encounter a world where the end of humanity is about to come. Trying to get rid of this penultimate mind by transferring it to robots, this time it faces different ambitions.

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Disintegration, which laid a good foundation in terms of story and infrastructure, appeared as a production that faced great problems in the construction of the building. In this video, we look at the general dynamics of the game by Marcus Lehto. Detailed review of the game will be on our site in the coming days.


What kind of game is disintegration?

About disintegration;

Disintegration brings an entirely new gaming experience to the FPS game by blending real-time strategy elements. Humanity, located in a world on the brink of disaster, enters a process known as Integration, where the human brain is transferred to a robotic luminaire for survival. A brutal legion known as Rayonne begins to use and abuse the once-optional Integration process for humanity to control humanity.

In the single player game, you will find yourself in the story of outlaw leader Romer Shoal. Romer escaped from the clutches of the shrewd and crazy Black Shuck, who once led a large Rayonne community in North America. While Shuck’s sinister, autonomous army destroys the continent, seeks to eliminate the last traces of humanity and eliminate it, it is up to Romer and his team to resist the few remaining asylum seekers with intense guerrilla attacks.


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