How To Fix Pubg Lite Launcher Ini Fail Error?

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How To Fix Pubg Lite Launcher Ini Fail Error?

Pubg Lite Launcher Ini fail error is one of the errors that occurred in a game developed by Bluehole company that can be played simultaneously with multiplayer. Pubg (PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds) starts in an airplane with up to 100 players. Players jump from the plane at their own time and land in different parts of the island below. Pubg, which is a very enjoyable game, is preferred by many people due to its game and viewing pleasure.

If you suddenly get an error when you play Pubg Lite with pleasure and pleasure as usual, you will be frustrated if you do not have any information about where this error has come to a halt. Pubg Lite Launcher error One of the errors that you may encounter when you press the Pubg lite start logo. If you carefully read our article about what to do in such situations, you can return to your unfinished game pleasure in a short time.

Is there a solution for Pubg Lite Launcher Ini Fail Error?

When you get a Pubg Lite Launcher error, the first thing to do is to follow the instructions we provide in order and completely. Follow the control panel / network and internet / network connections instructions respectively and enter the network connections, right click on the network you have used and click “properties”. Click the Internet protocol version 4 (TCP / IPV4) option on the page you will be presented. Click on “Use the Following DNS Server Addresses” among the phrases on the screen to be opened. If you do all the operations sequentially and completely, enter and save the new DNS address information on the page that will open. After the registration process is completed, it will be possible to re-enter the Pubg Lite game and continue your game again.

Pubg Lite Launcher Ini Fail Error Alternative Solution If Pubg Lite Launcher Ini fail error has occurred, it may be possible to eliminate the error by carefully applying some different operations. As with unexpected errors occurring on computers, trying to re-enter the game by “resetting” the modem can be tried as the first method. If the desired result is not obtained after resetting, it may be possible to re-enter the game by changing the DNS. Combinations of or can be tried in DNS changes. If DNS is already active, you should cancel and try it without DNS, if the result is still next, you should start the process again using a different DNS. If you try all the methods but no results are obtained, it may be a remedy to delete the game as a last resort and reinstall the game to a different location.

Most Common Errors in Pubg Game

If you are aware of possible errors other than Pubg Lite Launcher Ini fail error, the solution of the problem will be so easy. “DX 11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine error” is one of the possible errors you will encounter. If this type of error occurs, your display / graphics card does not support Directx / 11. For this reason, it will not be possible to login to the game. If you do not have a system in the system list that supports Directx 11, it means that your computer does not support the game.


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