GTA 5 sales increase after Epic Store move

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Coin printing machine developed by Rockstar Games … Sorry! GTA 5 still sells incredibly. After its free distribution on Epic Games Store, its sales have increased even more.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is still selling a lot, and publisher Take Two said they are predicting a much stronger Grand Theft Auto 5 in the coming fiscal year. Take Two has been praising GTA Online’s strong performance since last year’s Diamond Casino update and record-breaking number of active players. The surprising thing is that GTA 5 still sells like crazy after its free distribution at the Epic Games Store.

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“Within six weeks of the Epic Store promotion, Grand Theft Auto 5 sold more units over the same period than in the previous year,” said CEO Strauss Zelnick. The one-week free distribution took GTA Online to new heights for in-game spending and the second best ever for new player registrations since it was first released in 2012.

GTA Online seems to be on the agenda as it has been for eight years in one way or another and it will appear in many more places. Rockstar will bring the game to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X next year. It’s no surprise that free distribution on PC is a boon to GTA Online’s user numbers, but it’s interesting to see GTA 5 selling better than ever in the weeks that followed. As Zelnick explained to, they owe these sales to the “increase the audience’s size” distribution.

GTA 5, which has frequently mentioned its name in the past years after its debut, was a game that broke records in the first place in the commercial sense, but it seems to be treated like a cow that needs to be milked. As fans often say, Rockstar Games continues to squeeze GTA, neither a new game announcement, nor a different situation. GTA 5, which is released on PlayStation 3, will also be on PlayStation 5. It’s funny, but just as tragic. Although rumors about Grand Theft Auto VI are filled, neither Rockstar seems eager to make an announcement nor is GTA 5 looking for a new game.

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