Free Game: Overcooked Epic Store is Free!

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Free Game: Overcooked Epic Store is Free!


The last game of Mega Discounts and free game campaigns to be organized during these discounts has been announced. The last mysterious game that was eagerly anticipated by everyone was Overcooked. Details in our news.


The last game of the big free game campaigns launched by Epic Store with Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition on May 14 has been announced. A previously shared leak was going right up to now, but the last game in the leak was Ark: Survival Evolved. Epic Store made Overcooked for free, surprising users who believe in the leak.


Overcooked is a fun simulation game developed by Ghost Town Games and published by team17. In the game, we manage the chefs who try to cook and serve with our friends. The promotional article of the game in Epic Store is as follows:

Overcooked is a chaotic cooking game played together for one to four players. You and your fellow chefs should work together to cook and serve delicious orders before the customers get angry. Grind your knives and shake your cook aprons. There is not much room for error in this crazy kitchen and the results are risky!

How Do I Get the Game?

To get the game, click on the game’s Epic Store page here. Make sure your Epic Games account is connected and click on the “UPLOAD” button.

friends this game is incredibly enjoyable and very much played game. If it is normal, you can play the game for free. Unfortunately, there is no clear information about when it will be free. If there is a question you want to ask, you can reach it from the comment section.


you will be returned to you as soon as possible and necessary directions are given. We wish you all good luck.

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