Demo in hundreds of games thanks to the Steam Summer Festival!

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Steam Summer Festival 2020, which players are eagerly awaiting, has begun. Within the scope of the event, hundreds of demo opportunities were brought in the game. Thus, players will have the opportunity to try many games. In addition, private developer broadcasts can be watched. The event that had begun had already been decided to postpone. The start date of the event was taken 3 weeks later due to the events in the USA. The festival will continue until Monday, June 22, 20:00 CET.

Hundreds of demos thanks to the Steam Summer FestivalStarting activities in 65 countries across the world, began to Turkey. The long-awaited activity by the players aims at meeting many games with users. However, game developers can open up broadcasts for their games and be in direct contact with the players. So players can learn what they are wondering, and developers can get feedback. For the current Steam Summer Festival, there are rumors that it is very comprehensive. Because, within the scope of the event, demo opportunities were brought in 900 games. Players will be able to try games that are currently being played and will meet with players soon. There will also be special publications and interviews for the games. Players will also be provided with information about the improvements made for the games.

The festival page contains pages for each game category. Demos, publications and interviews featured on these pages are exhibited to the players.

friends, if there is anything you want to ask about the event, you will definitely return to you as soon as possible in the summer.

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