7 interesting games 

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While some games go above various human situations and offer experiences familiar with stories, why do some games have to be called. Let’s talk about these games.

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Goat of Duty

The reason for the existence of Goat of Duty is definitely a production that needs to be questioned. The production goats, which offer a fast-paced gameplay similar to Quake, are also quite successful in arming. The best part of the game is definitely not gameplay or tempo, but what makes Goat of Duty an enormous and strange game includes 256 different blending sounds in the game. Oh, you can also pretend to be dead in the game…

Walking Simulator 2020

This game, which is the parody of Death Stranding, is actually very close to the original.


Shower with Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad?

Our task in this game is to find the father … I don’t even need to explain why the game is on the list after this sentence, but let’s take a look at Shower with Your Dad Simulator. The game wants you to find your father among the ever increasing shower numbers. “Why?” You may be asking, we don’t have the answer to this question.


Japan World Cup


It is really hard to explain the Japan World Cup, it doesn’t take long to realize that the game that looks like a horse race in Japan at first glance is actually a very bullshit thing. The game, which contains strange things such as giraffes on the track, elephants killing their enemies by making a headbang, stretching horses, panda riders, adult riders, is really confusing.


 Getting Over It

“I made this game for a certain type of people, to hurt them.”


Getting Over It is a game with a nerve-like computer-playing game in an accident that we try to climb to various places with the tool we have, and there is no record button and we are constantly getting higher. In other words, a mistake made towards the end of the game can send us to the very beginning of the game, without any chance of correcting it.

Among the Steam tags of the game are “psychological tension”. If you want to lose your mind from the nerve, definitely give a chance to Getting Over It.,

 Goat Simulator



Goat Simulator, which emerged as a joke between the developer team, had ravaged the internet in the first time it was released. No matter how famous the game that we killed time by heading to the left and doing ridiculous things, it could not get rid of entering this list.

 Postal 2

Cat silencer, al-pedestal, urinating on corpses, devils, ninjas and whatever else you look for in this game. I think that the construction of the post was strange and bullshit in the world, everything was thrown into a bowl and turned into a soup. The game, which contains an incredibly offensive humor in all this bullshit, can offer truly enjoyable experiences.

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